What's free and saves you money? The answer... Closed Door Sales!

Hi, my name is Mark Epstein and Closed Door Sales is my brainchild. The idea came to me back in the mid 1980's when I owned and operated a major Shopping Tour company in Melbourne which later led me to starting up Closed Door Sales in 2007. Having been in the "discount shopping" industry for 30 years it became apparent to me that consumers were sick of paying full retail prices. How could my members tap in to the same wholesale prices that retailers were paying before loading up their prices with profit?

There had to be a way and I found it... Closed Door Sales was born! But why haven't I heard about Closed Door Sales before" I hear you ask. That's because Closed Door Sales is Australia's most exclusive (and secretive) shopping club. You won't find any ads in newspapers or magazines, you won't even find us in the yellow pages. We prefer to stay "under the radar" and exclusive to our members.

Closed Door Sales is a unique service and it's 100% free to join, 100% free to attend our sales and no obligation for you to spend unless you want to. Members receive regular email notification of forthcoming sales events direct to their in-boxes. You have the opportunity to attend our exclusive sales events (in your own car) held in the storage warehouses of Australian Wholesalers and you only pay wholesale prices and below.

With savings of up to 90% off retail prices on a wide variety of quality branded and generic stock you can't go wrong. These are genuine wholesaler warehouses that only open their warehouse doors to Closed Door Sales members on set dates throughout the year... and you are welcome to attend with family and friends.

My philosophy is simple.... To offer exclusive sales events to members (and their family & friends) held at hidden warehouses that do not open to the general public so that members can pay wholesale prices and below on a wide variety of products.

Closed Door Sales has been recognised by the likes of Channel 7's "Today Tonight" show on numerous occasions as well as on the A Current Affair show.  We've also been featured in The Bargain Shoppers Guide to Melbourne and hundreds of unsolicited blogs, forums and 3rd party websites. Over 150,000 members can't be wrong! Join for free today

I welcome you as a member and I look forward to sending you sales event notifications direct to your inbox.

Happy discount shopping


Closed Door Sales
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