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New wholesalers invited to participate

Are you a Manufacturer, Wholesaler or Retailer with a warehouse full of quality stock?
Are you looking for additional ways to clear stock in this tough economic climate?
Are you interested in making an extra $10k, $20k, $30k or more in sales in a 6 hour period?

Then a Closed Door Sale may be what you are looking for.

Closed Door Sales provides an extra income stream for wholesale businesses throughout Australia.  I can provide you with an additional avenue to quickly clear your stock by holding an exclusive sale in your own warehouse for my members.

Call today on 0412 222 950 or via Email and let's discuss how we can help you clear stock quickly.

Wholesalers wanted in all major cities to satisfy demand!

If you would like to be considered your warehouse must not be open to the general public at any time as I do not deal with factory outlets or retail stores. My members join my club for the privilege of attending exclusive sales where the general public can't get in to.

A controlled way to clear current & excess stock

This is an excellent way to clear current, excess, discontinued or end of line stock in a very controlled manner without getting your suppliers off-side.

You can gain access to our 150,000+ members who love shopping for your products. My members are predominantly females aged 18 - 55 with high disposable income. If you have the stock I have lots of loyal shoppers to buy your stock!

We are currently accepting new wholesalers and if you qualify I propose we hold a 1 day (6 hour) sales event at your warehouse which you manage with your own staff.

Your business remains anonymous

We respect that you have long term relationships with your retail clients that you provide stock to. Therefore your business remains anonymous to my members and I do not advertise our sale anywhere so your business remains discreet and "under the radar".

No financial risk to your business

We receive comments from warehouse partners such as "What a great opportunity to move stock", "I wish our retail customers spent that much" and "This sure beats waiting 90 days for suppliers to pay".

We regularly get lots of members attending sales events and, best of all, there is no financial risk to your business! If I don't make this happen for you I don't make a cent as I only work on commission on the sales my members generate on the day.

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What some of our current Wholesale Partners have to say

  • "The Closed Door Sales have been extremely worthwhile and the sales figures have been very pleasing. We experienced a 20% increase in business since being involved. It has provided us with much needed cash flow especially not having to wait 90 days for our suppliers to pay us. We are very happy to continue with Mark and believe the Closed Door Sales will get even bigger!"

    Ian Walkley, The Linen Factory
  • "Being part of Closed Door Sales as a warehouse has been really worth it for us. We have experienced a 50% increase in our warehouse which has allowed us to buy more stock as well as clear excess stock. We need a 2 day break after each sale just to count the money. Get ready for it guys, it's going to be crazy!"

    Fayda Radi, Classica Kitchenware
  • "The Closed Door Sales concept is unique and their members just love picking up the bargains. They feel special knowing they belong to such an exclusive club. We have been participating in Mark's sale events since the start and we are ecstatic at the results. They have been a huge success for us and we look forward to many more!"

    Grant Pell, Toy Networx
  • "I have been very impressed with the professionalism of Mark Epstein and his Closed Door Sales concept. Our business has increased dramatically since we became involved. We find that the Closed Door Sales members spend an average of $75 per person in our warehouse. I look forward to a long term business relationship with Mark and the Closed Door Sales team!"

    Keith Whelan, Beaches Fashion
  • "I'm so happy with the sale events that I opened up 2 more warehouses to cope with demand."

    Keith Whelan, 1999 Ladies Wear
  • "The Closed Door Sales have definitely been worth our while. It has built up a good relationship between us and has increased our business dramatically. The Closed Door Sale events are definitely worth doing."

    Pina Toscano, Siricco Leather Goods
  • "The Closed Door Sales are an added income stream and has given me a great opportunity to move stock. It's a unique concept with a long term benefit for all concerned. The turnover of stock and amount of customers through our warehouse was very good. I'd definitely do it again!"

    Dean Lapentina, The Chocolate Factory
  • "The Closed Door Sales have been more successful than what we originally anticipated. We have increased our business by 20% and we've had up to 850 people through our warehouse in a 5 hour period. We find that the Closed Door Sales is a controlled way to sell excess and discontinued stock without getting our major department store clients off-side. It has definitely been worth our while participating. The sales have been extremely good and it has been a good way of getting new customers to try our brand. We regularly have customers who spend $200+ each so the money is good and we get to clear our stock in a controlled manner"

    Marcus Chisholm, Natio Cosmetics
Closed Door Sales
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