At Closed Door Sales, we have quietly and secretly been tracking down the most exclusive and hidden sales for our members. These are sales not even the general public can enter let alone know about because we don't advertise anywhere. You won't find us in newspapers or magazines, you won't even find us in the yellow pages.

As much as we try to stay "under the radar" the word has spread fast amongst our members who have told their friends and family and so on... As a result of this word of mouth publicity Closed Door Sales has been featured on Channel 7's Today Tonight show on numerous occasions as well as Channel 9's A Current Affair show.  In fact I often find forums and blogs as well as hundreds of websites that have linked to our website who rave about what we are doing...all unsolicited!

Here's just a sample of what the media have said about us:

  • Retailers have kept us in the dark about their warehouses for years - until now! Cut out the middle man and shop for bargains direct from the warehouses. This bargain hunter's paradise offers major savings on a wealth of goodies.

    Club Vogue
  • A Closed Door Sale has to be seen to be believed. It's an invite only bargain bonanza that will save you a packet

    Channel 9, A Current Affair show
  • This is shoppings best kept secret.  Gain private access to exclusive warehouse sales the public don't know about and save hundreds of dollars a year.

    Channel 9. A Current Affair show
  • Closed Door Sales is a unique shopping concept. With over 150,000 members so far it's no wonder they are quickly becoming a consumers best friend.

    Channel 7, Today Tonight show
  • Quickly becoming a retailer's worst enemy, Closed Door Sales have devised a way for consumers to avoid paying "mark ups" altogether, and considering the state of the world's economy, their timing couldn't be better.

    Bargain Shoppers Guide
  • If wholesalers haven't got on board yet they will be left behind the pack.

    Channel 7, Today Tonight show
  • It is a wholesale shopping revolution, exclusive access to the very warehouses from which our retailers buy. The future of shopping is here.

    Bargain Shoppers Guide
Closed Door Sales
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