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Do you have a question regarding your membership or how to use our site? Check out our short list of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding My Account.

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  • How do I join as a member?

    Registration is free and easy - Join for Free now!

  • What makes a Closed Door Sale different to other sales?

    Closed Door Sales is a very unique and exclusive shopping club. Only members that join our club get notified via email of exclusive sales events held at the warehouses of Australian wholesalers throughout the year. These are not factory outlets or retailers that open to the public.  These wholesalers are offering members the same stock you see at retail shops but at wholesale prices and below direct from their own storage warehouses.  Why pay retail prices when you can shop where the retailers buy their stock from.

  • What type of goods are available at these warehouses?

    We have exclusive arrangements with wholesalers that have warehouses that stock a variety of goods such as Fashion, Footwear, Jewellery, Lingerie, Leather Goods, Toys, Gifts, Home Wares, Manchester, Confectionary, Licensed products, Cosmetics, Art & Craft products, Body Care Products, Sportswear and lots more! Each warehouse specialises in different stock. Not all the above goods are under the one roof and each wholesaler doesn't open on the same day.

  • Where can I find the addresses of these sales?

    The sale addresses are listed on our website under Current Sales up to 7 days prior to each sale once you login with your email & password. We request that you click the RSVP button to advise us that you wish to attend.

  • Can I bring Family & Friends to a sale?

    Members are welcome to bring family and friends with them to each sales event. They are also welcome to individually join themselves using their own email address and password.

  • How do I find out when these sales are on?

    Emails are sent to all members usually 1 week prior to the sale date direct to your inbox or you can view our Current Sales & Forthcoming Sales events on our website at anytime.

  • Why don't these warehouses open anytime to the public?

    These are genuine wholesaler's warehouses and not to be confused with retail stores or factory outlets so they do not deal with the public at all. However they agree to open exclusively to Closed Door Sales members and their family and friends on selected sale event dates throughout the year. Therefore you cannot attend these warehouses outside of our exclusive sales events.

  • Why do I need to RSVP?

    Even though the address of each current sale is listed on our website upon logging in, we request that you click the RSVP button so that we know how many people will be attending.  This helps us to prepare for the sale.

  • Why are only some warehouses open and others not?

    Not all wholesalers open on the same day. All sales for the forthcoming week are listed under Current Sales.  All future sales are listed under Coming Soon with the proposed sale date and when the sale address will be listed.

  • What forms of payment are accepted at each sale?

    Eftpos, Visa, MasterCard and cash are widely accepted and some warehouses may accept Amex.  No cheques accepted and no laybuys accepted.

  • Can I fundraise for my group or organisation?

    Closed Door Sales is currently looking in to various ways to assist groups and organisations to raise funds. In the meantime we recommend that you charge each member of your group a nominal fee (say $5 or $10) for the privilege of attending a Closed Door Sales event which you can keep towards your fundraising.  Complete our Fundraising Opportunity form to be advised of our fundraising initiatives.

  • Can I buy products online instead of attending a warehouse sale?

    Not at the moment so you must physically attend our sales events to purchase products.  However we plan to trial a NEW online shopping experience soon.

If your query still hasn't been answered, please contact us.

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